Skillsmatter’s Cloud Computing Conference

I spent yesterday at Skillsmatter’s CloudComputing conference. Having been to a number of Amazon Web Services based talks it was quite refreshing to see how people use GigaSpaces system and other solutions. What surprised me was how all this was aimed at the gaming industry (“betting” to you or me), and what huge demands it makes on the software comparable to the finance markets. Since betting is illegal in the USA it now seems London is the epicentre.

The new technologies presented for getting an edge in the realm of extreme processing was impressive.

  • A session on In Memory Data Grid, IMDG, started the technogy track of the talks. To make transactions faster the database was run in memory with information being persisted to a buffer ensuring nothing was lost.
  • GigaSpace themselves talked how their system was based on JavaSpaces, and allowed Java systems to be “easily” ported into the Cloud.
  • Oracle touted Coherence a DataGrid look up system spanning several machines, caching data as needed. Since I had spotted Distributed Hash Tables in Azerues some time ago I have when they would start cropping up.
  • RabbitMQ was talked about too. Being an admirer of Erlang, reliable and scalable systems, I have been to a few of these talks, but this one mentioned its use in the Ocean Observatory Initiative to route some of the copious amounts of data from a myriad of robotic Jacques Costeaus.

It is quite cheering to see evolution get behind the fastest responding web sites, and the solutions people had come up with. I have seen to many unloved flabby systems limp on. The accent on the talk, from what I had seen did seem to be more focused on Java systems.

Coming from more of a C# background I wonder if Microsoft’s Azure can catch up in the stampede for speed.


~ by zeristor on July 10, 2009.

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