Cloud computing talk at Skillsmatter

Skillsmatter ran a talk on Cloud Computing. Simon Wardley emphasised the need to software as a service to be treated as a commodity, and once it is uptake will be much faster. Drawing parallels with the development of the electricity industry; how the idea of Utility computing was first mentioned in 1966, and why it has taken so long to get to the stage where it is starting to take off.

There are a number of concerns holding it back. Lack of portability between clouds being the main one. It does seem though that there are now third party suppliers using Amazon’s EC2 API, so software should be easily movable between them.

Different computing problems need different hardware optimisations (the little flash game Rack-A-Node demonstrates this well). A Cloud service that is more self aware, and that can bid to be used would interesting. A server with GPGPUs could perhaps claim a larger premium since it can work calculate certain problems far faster than your average server.

As ever it looks like the future is interesting for Cloud software.


~ by zeristor on October 28, 2009.

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