How terrible was SourceSafe?

Most of my early development work used SourceSafe for versioning control. In a large corporate environment one doesn’t have much control about the fabric of the company. Luckily for us our projects were broken down into small elements, we experienced problems but nothing as astoundingly bad as reported by others. There are many horror stories of when SourceSafe goes wrong, or ruins your code. It was obvious that it had reached a dead end and wasn’t having any new functionality added to it.

Tellingly I read once that in their development Microsoft stopped using SourceSafe and went onto their own unreleased versioning system to develop large software projects.

That though is the past. Subversion seems to be dominate at the moment; I though am smitten with Mercurial, its  elegance, having a versioning system on your computer, the whole distributed aspect.


~ by zeristor on January 10, 2010.

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