Semantic web and C#

I seem to be one of those few people, a C# programmer passionate about the semantic web. More and more mention is being made of the semantic web but there seems to be scant support for it amongst people using the C# language. Microsoft makes use of the semantic web in a number of ways, they bought the company PowerSet for instance, but no sign of a graph database.

One of the Microsoft’s saving graces is the vast amount of open source software projects people start up. Some thrive, whilst others wither. NUnit is amazing albeit a port from JUnit, and Microsoft have deftly piloted ASP.NET MVC in an open manner. For semantic web I have found LinqToRDF which I am toying with. LINQ is quite an impressive piece of architecture, Lambda calculus dressed to fit into C# most of the Wow! comes from the idea of Lambda calculus itself, but it is still lovely to be able to use it.

The semantic web allows data to be stored in RDF (amongst other formats), with the addition of RDFa this rich source of data can be inserted for each item on a web site, quite unobtrusively. This once found can be stored in a graph database such as Neo4J. I have yet to find a good graph database in .NET. Neo4J could be accessed but it would be helpful to have one in .NET rather than Java.

C# has a series of classes called HTMLHelper s to put bits of code in, nothing to amazing. RDFa could be similarly casually added to ASP.NET MVC code, it is no biggy, but it is a bit of code that people are going to have to right and maintain separately.

So since I have got this blog up, and looking OK, I need to post much more often, and then work on my own web server for fun, pleasure, and a bit of profit.

Or maybe I should hop over the fence back to Java?


~ by zeristor on January 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Semantic web and C#”

  1. Hi there,
    you could always use Neo4j via a REST Api, or some other means. There are some efforts going on to provide a good bridge for Neo4j into .NET, but nothing stable yet.

    And, you can also skip to Python, JRuby, Scala or plain Java if you dare šŸ™‚


    • Thanks, my first comment too.

      That is what I was planning to do, but hadn’t got around to trying out, I was just musing on the absence of a .NET graph db.

      I like plan B though, would make a good excuse to use other languages, I spent too long with my nose pressed up against Haskell, and Erlang books.

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