How I use iTunes

My Google Reader points at many blogs. So many RSS feeds pouring into my in box. In time I’ll learn to ignore most of it, but my curiosity is sucking me down with the under tow of global babblings.

Then there are podcasts too. I am almost a power user, so I have learnt how to inflict the information deluge  on myself to quite an effect. iTunes itself has a number of annoying issues, and like a modern message in a bottle I thought I would write a blog entry about it, a votive offering to search engines prowling the web.

At the centre of iTunes is my little iPod, which was fine. But maddingly it crashes far too often, I can get it to recover but why on Earth does  it need to crash when I am only trying to play a track? Methinks Apple patched it and now it is lame. It’s three years old now, 8Gb of memory, and black. They did do regression testing on the firmware didn’t they?

At the centre of my media nexus is iTunes. It is OK, but it could be so much better, lets put it this way, it doesn’t impress. One can add podcasts feeds into iTunes, but it isn’t clear how to. What took me ages to do was work on a proper workflow to process the podcasts.

From day to day the podcasts are downloaded. I had set up a smart list for each one, load up latest podcasts that have the tick box ticked. Each time I sync’ed it it would remove the bottom few, and load in the new ones. It works fine. There is the podcast option on the iPod, but if you listened to one podcast and just started the next one, but not finish it, it would tend to remove that next time you sync’ed. It took a while to set up, but it works quite well, I find it a simple way to keep the latest podcasts on my iTune to listen to when I want. I listen to a lot of  Radio 4, perhaps too much, I don’t though like to listen to programmes when they broadcast them.

It just makes so much more sense then downloading a podcast, and then moving it into the playlist, then loading it up. The less I have to think about the background tasks the more time I have to moan.


~ by zeristor on February 28, 2010.

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