The Marsh Ecology book award

My interests are wide and varied. This worried me at first, but I can see that they are all linked into how systems work. Physics, Engineering, Geology, and Ecology too. A while ago I picked up a book on Soil Science. I reasoned that in any environment most of the activity occurs in the soil, where rotting material is converted into nutrients, where rock is eroded into nutrients, where water is stored, and also where plants are anchored  in the wind. This led me to buying a book on the Biology of Soil, which I thought was amazing. On further investigation I found that it had won something called the Marsh Ecology Book prize, such prize winners I thought must be of a similar calibre, and they are too.

There is a list of the Marsh Ecology book winners, I thought though I would embellish it with links to the books:

I am not sure what happened in 2008, but I look forward to seeing which book wins for 2010.


~ by zeristor on March 1, 2010.

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