Epping’s Son of Rambow

Isn’t the web amazing? Every once in a while I look for little motes of magic on the web, actually I am always on the look out for it but seldom find any. The other week I did turn up something that I made me cheer the interconnectedness of it all.

IMDB, started in Cardiff, and now owned by Amazon, is the store of an amazing amount of movie minutiae. After working out who else was born on my birthday, Kate Winslet, Bob Geldorf, Vaclav Havel, and Monty Python (my personal favourite), I wondered who had been born in Essex. A number of people, IMDB sometimes mentions just Essex, other times it gives you the town as well.

Garth Jennings it seems grow up in Essex. He had directed the film version of Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, OK I preferred the TV series but still quite impressive. Then I remembered his latest film Son of Rambow which inspired by growing up and making home movies. Blimey it transpired that he had grown up in Epping, and made shot his super8 films in Epping forest. Although I grew up in nearby Theydon Bois I now live in Epping, and I was intrigued.

And also surprised. Epping library likes to make the most out of its local people, but had no idea at this connection. The council has a plaque to a Henry Doubleday, I have no idea who he is, but he collected butterflies and lived on Buttercross Lane. The library though did have a copy of the Son of Rambow DVD. Unless it has come down from head office don’t expect any proactive action, a shame that it is sad to see such a DVD languising in the library, a least they have a copy I suppose.

The film itself  I loved. I wasn’t into Rambo the film when I was too young, tied to my ZX Spectrum. I remember the posters at the tube station. St John’s is the name of the school in the film, as well as in Epping. The film one is far more impressive, the Epping stemming from the 1950s. I am not sure about the disused power station though, a great back drop I suppose people had to make do with fields around here.

As for the brethren. I always wondered why there were these women wearing head scarves, and I suppose too I had school friends who were shepherded from the distractions of modern life. One being amazed at getting to listen to a Walkman. The price of salvation.


~ by zeristor on March 2, 2010.

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