About blogging

I spent a while carefully crafting a post on my experience to date with blogging. Ironically I pressed publish and the post disappeared, I am learning to copy the text to the clipboard before posting.

What I had wanted to write was how after starting this blog back in 2007 I felt too uncomfortable to write anything, the words would no flow. I had plenty to say but just felt unable to start writing. Blogging seems so much more exposed than writing an email, but I like writing and the best way to learn how to write is to write some more,  and more. Taking on board feedback from readers.

I still haven’t got the hang of categories and tags. Tags are labels to ID the articles, I have used them enough in delicious, and categories allow me to file my articles away in channels. I started out OK, but I seem to use the same characters for both. Am I missing something? I think it better to make the odd mistake and learn from it later, rather than sit petrified adamant that I won’t make any mistakes.

But what about this blog? People start blogging to brandish their commercial prowess in some technology, or add their ideas to an ongoing dialogue. The two seldom go together and for that reason people often have separate blogs. I am uneasy about this, and a bit lazy too. I know if I want to use this blog for gain I need to portray a professional personna, the done thing, but too fake for me. I have odds and ends sticking out of my mind. Too many ideas perhaps but I love they way they spark off of each other.

Software is my profession. Although I came at it from a Physics background, perhaps I should have studied software at University, but I was set on working out how the universe works first. Engineers take radios apart, and I wanted to toy with reality. Yet I have an artistic streak, admittedly not creative I like my mind to be led through to interesting ideas conjured by words, film, paint, or stone. How the worlds slot together, and the people on them too. Its just it takes a bit of time to get on top of all this stuff, there does seem to be an awful lot of everything.

I never did get an idea of how to use my Physics degree. There was the career path into academia, which wasn’t for me then what? Software seemed a good option, interesting and it is always great to see something you worked on working on a screen impressively; but what now?


~ by zeristor on March 4, 2010.

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