Facebook lesson: Groups vs Pages

A while ago I wrote about setting up a Facebook Group for the Loughton Astronomical Society. I was quite chuffed with what I had done, and had put a fair amount of work into the content of the site. Over the months people found the site and added themselves as fans, which was the general idea.

As ever I like to see what others have done, maybe I can learn a few good lessons, see if theirs is dramatically better, or perhaps laud myself for being so much better. There was no such lauding, as I realised I had made an error. Even though I was aware there were Facebook Pages in addition to Facebook Groups I hadn’t looked into it too deeply.

Groups are OK they are light weight and low key, but if you need to use use Facebook  to any great degree Facebook Pages offer a lot more, and so I started up the Loughton Astronomical Society Facebook Page. They can collect stats, not much generated for four people but give it time to grow, and more importantly it is supposed to be more findable via Google. [Google does seem to  be very reminiscent of the cargo cult of old, delivering potential members if its machinations can be properly divined].

People however aren’t too fussed, they went to the trouble of joining a Group, and they don’t care too much if a Page is better. Having to uproot a nascent group isn’t pleasant even though its for the best. The idea behind Facebook is that quite a few people around who would be interested in our talks if only they new about them, or perhaps they know about them but want to find out more, to blunt the unknown.

We have a hugely impressive list of speakers in the coming months, to this I add the odd link to some speck of space news. It is a bit tricky to spark a community if most people are wallflowers just consuming, but hopefully in time others will want to participate.


~ by zeristor on April 15, 2010.

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