Farringdon Station

So much money is going into public transport in London, one thing that others haven’t picked up on is that Farrigdon Station could be the new centre of London.

Historically the main line train stations stopped short of central London, the several main line stations are all at the edge of early Victorian London. Thameslink has been running for years, and now Crossrail has started construction, these both run train lines under central London. The thing is both of them cross with a station at Farringdon. My recent experience with interviews is people like to place their offices where people can easily commute to them, and indeed one of the things about Oxford Street is that it is so easily accessible, more people generally equals more trade.

I haven’t seen anyone get too excited about the prospects of Farringdon though. It has the prospects to be as big as London Bridge, Liverpool Street, Paddington, and Kings Cross combined.


~ by zeristor on April 23, 2010.

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