Ubuntu 10.04 LTS under VirtualBox

Hurrah; to an extent.

Mac OS X is a form of Unix, moreso than Linux if you look into the details. Ubuntu though is in wide demand and I have been quite curious about it, installing the software from apt-get always seemed so elegant.

Now I have run Linux in dual boot on my old Windows machine, Suse, and Mandrake ages ago, BeOS too! On my MacBook  I thought OS X would be similar enough to Linux for me to learn from it, it isn’t quite. Parallels, a virtual machine would do the job for me I thought, well it lets me run Windows to keep my hand in which is what I got it for but the Ubuntu installs always spluttered out before properly booting.

In a heightened level of effort I stumbled upon VirtualBox, founded in Germany, but slurped up by Sun and made available to one and all. A Virtual Machine that is free and works. And it does. A new Ubuntu and a new attempt to get the thing working. VirtualBox seems more polished than then Parallels 3 which I paid for, although that has been twice superseded.

MacPorts on OS X always seemed to get tangled up, I suppose I  just need to make more mistakes, and more clean installs then everything would settle down. But the apt-get seems to be the way to install software. True a new software can languish a while before the package is released, but convenience counts for a lot.

My only gripe, is I am stuck with a 800 x 600 window, like squinting through a letter box at a desktop. I’ve found and read up about VBoxMachine commands to set the resolution, but they appear to be impotent for some reason. I can leave this for a while, it always interesting to look at a new OS, challenging the usability I might have become too used to.

Now where is my guide to VI short cuts…

NOTE: A friend came up with this web site for installing the Virtual Box guest additions in Ubuntu. Works quite well, although everything seems to be more glacial. Perhpas I have far too many browser tabs open?


~ by zeristor on May 4, 2010.

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