About blogging

So I have had this blog up for almost three years now. Admittedly for the first two years I didn’t put anything up, I practised writing articles but felt too uncomfortable to publish them. I have no idea why that is. I have written quite a bit before. In the nineties I posted to lots of Usenet groups, but when I moved on to an ISP which didn’t provide Usenet I just fell out of the habit, a bit annoyed with all the spam. I replaced the unending reams of Usenet posts with the unending ream of RSS feed articles I have on Google Reader. Which I no longer aim to clear.

I did realise that in order to develop as a writer, a blogger that I would need to post a lot of articles, ideas brew in my mind for weeks on end, and at least I can dispel them from my mental foment and obsess about something else. Truth is being worried about what people think doesn’t make a lot of sense if hardly anyone is reading it.

As with most things one needs to focus on what intends to do with a blog. For some it is a way of garnering work for their professional endeavour. For others it is to proffer their thoughts to the great Google of the Web. To devour each word, digest and hawk it to nefarious hawkers of  things I never knew I needed, or wanted.

My philosophy has been to do what I do, just more so. If I do what I am interested then may over time I should good better at doing it, and also come into contact with other people who share the same interests and ideas. I still have a long way to go, just thought I would mention it.

Of the three years this blog has been running, only one of which has it had any content I have hosted it on WordPress, just to dabble, and paddle around with my rolled up trousers as it were. The more I post the more I want to experiment with WordPress, and so I play to soon host my own site, it seems easy enough to do.


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